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The Making of Peep

When I first developed Peep, it was a little 6 panel book that I showed to a French, Italian School in Florence while I was living in Italy. Naturally we didn't speak the same language so the book had no words. As I stood up at the front of that class, I watched something that I will never forget. The language barrier between us collapsed as they smiled and pointed at Peep. Their eyes dancing over the colorful pages, understanding every stroke of ink and brush of paint. I was telling them a story without saying any words and in that moment, I realized that this was important. 6 months after I returned from Italy, I went to the Western Coast of Ireland and illustrated this 45 page watercolor book. 


What is Peep about?

Peep is a story about a little bird and his journey through Ireland. He makes friends with a cute cow and pig duo, but when a weird mishap switches his new friend's colors, the three are faced with understanding what it means to be different and learn what really matters. It is a tale of friendship, acceptance, equality, and tolerance all with some crazy cows, pigs, and one fluffy little bird.

The book has a sense of ambiguity so it can be understood from a child's point of view and also can be discussed on a much higher level with adults. I layered the book with multiple themes and conceptual representations so it can be interpreted in many ways and bring up conversation. The point of Peep Books is to create that discussion and to be able to know that children everywhere are getting the same message. We are sending this book out to countries across the planet so kids can meet peep and learn the values in this book and more to come. 


Why Peep is Important

This book introduces a new way of thinking about communication to future generations and breaks down the language and cultural barriers that separate us. Peep is a pathway to creating a stronger connection between humanity, which we need now more than ever.

Join me in taking this step towards a better world and brightening the lives of children across the planet.